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Steps of  the Flower Preservation process!

1. Reserve your wedding date under the Brides or Meetings tab.
2. I will reach out to you to confirm your order.
3. I will ask for additional information if needed.
4. We will schedule a drop off day and time.
5. When you decide on your order, I will send you the invoice.
6. Once I receive the flowers I will start the drying process.
7. The flowers can take up to 6 weeks to dry. 
8. I will start designing after the invoice is paid and flowers are dried.
9. Once design is approved, I will start the pouring/gluing process.
10. Fill up the molds / finish gluing every piece 
11. Sanding, top coat, and curing process.
12. Once everything is fully cured I will take pictures.
13. I will send the pictures over and schedule pickup/shipping.
14. You receive your beautiful keepsakes that you can cherish forever!
* The whole process can take up to 8 months from the date your invoice is paid in full.
For Brides who book ahead of time and pay their invoice in advance, time will start the day I receive your flowers.
More Questions? Check out the FAQ tab!
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