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Picture Frame Preservation

How  it  Works.

All flower preservation frames, 3D or pressed, are completely customizable. Inside of the frame, we can add color behind your flowers, include pictures or invitations, and even fabric or charms.  This is a unique option we offer to preserve your flowers! With that being said, all frames have a custom quoted price. They are all different and depend on frame cost. Before frame costs for most pieces are estimated to be:

16x20 - $600

 11x14 - $300

5x7 - $150 

For larger/smaller frames, prices will vary. 

Three  Styles  To  Choose  From



Still  Not Sure?


The 3-D Frame is a good piece for someone who loves the look of a 3-D resin block, but wants a wall hanging piece instead of a bookshelf item. The flowers will remain in their original shape, and they will be brushed with resin and attached to a picture frame of your choice.

More questions? Check out our FAQ

The Pressed Frame is perfect for anyone wanting a more traditional piece. They are stunning and preserve your flowers in a picture perfect way. The flowers are pressed between two sheets of glass in a frame chosen by you. Pressing the flowers will cause them to look slightly different, since they will be paper thin.

More questions? Check out our FAQ


The Half & Half option is great for someone who loves the pressed look but want their flowers sealed with resin. The flowers will be pressed flat and coated in resin. This allows the flowers to have the pressed look, while also having the durability of the resin.

More questions? Check out our FAQ 

Our most  popular frame!

Sleek, simple and modern! This frame comes in gold, black and silver!

Sizes available are

16x20 - $47

11x14 - $30

8x10 - $24

5x7 - $19

Custom Handmade Frames 
by a local artist at Lowe Mill

If you do not see a frame that fits your style, no worries! 

We can schedule you a day to come in and meet with our custom Frame Artist Ryan to find the perfect frame for your preservation! 

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