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When should I get my flowers to the studio?

24-72 hours after the event depending on the condition and care of the flowers. Our technique allows us to preserve the quality of the flowers in the condition that we receive them in. Following this timeline gives us the best chance at preserving the original quality of the flowers. 

How will I get my flowers to the studio?

You can book a local drop off at Studio KenziB as long as it is within 72 hours of the scheduled flower delivery date, or get step by step  instructions and a video to show you or a loved one how to properly ship the flowers to the studio.

How far in advance should I reserve my day?

We strive to accommodate all orders as efficiently as possible, but our calendar can fill up quickly. Therefore, we kindly suggest that you book your preferred flower delivery date at your earliest convenience. As a reminder to brides, we offer a free ornament of if you book at least 90 days before your flower delivery date.​

My wedding date is fully booked, what now?

Reach out to us at so that we can discuss the situation in more detail. Please include flower delivery date, pieces you are interested in, etc. We will see if we have enough time to gather more materials needed to execute your order.

What is the typical turnaround time?

Depending on the size of your order, our typical turnaround time averages at 8 months. Please understand that we do not provide an exact timeline due to seasonal variations and fluctuations in order volume. Our commitment is to ensure that every detail of your piece is absolutely perfect before we ship it to you. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your patience as we craft your order with care.​

Can you work with flowers that have been air dried for years?

Of course! No flowers are too old to preserve, however, we cannot change the state that they are currently in. So while we can preserve what’s left of your beautiful flowers, we cannot bring them back to their original shine. Preserving a dried bouquet allows one to rest easy knowing the flowers that have been saved for years are sealed in a delightful art piece that can be displayed throughout the home instead of hidden away in a closet.

Studio KenziB is not responsible for any mold, rotting, dust, or hairs that are within the flowers that we cannot see.

Can you work with artificial flowers?

Absolutely! We totally get that sometimes it is just easier to handle artificial flowers for a wedding! Artificial flowers can be used in all 3D resin pieces. Most artificial flowers can be made into pressed frames with some exceptions to thicker flowers! Please meet in person, or email us pictures to get exact details

Can I have succulents preserved in my keepsakes?

With succulents, you have a few options. Our first suggestion is to remove the succulents from your bouquet and propagate them. If you would like to include the succulents in a 3D resin piece, we can match the fresh succulents in your bouquet with artificial equivalents. If you want them pressed in a frame, It will take up to 8 weeks just to dry them out and then we can color correct them for reconstruction. Just know turnaround time will be longer. 

Do you guys offer color correction?

Yes, but we do not want everyone to feel they have to get this process added on! It is a $100 fee to add on color correction. We do this so that we can receive the flowers to see the condition and let you know if this process is necessary! If you would rather the look of color correction on your flowers, that is fine just let us know!

How do I keep my flowers beautiful until shipment or drop off?

The best way to ensure that your flowers are in prime condition for shipping is to take special care of them the day of the event. Handling the flowers is quite common throughout the duration of the event. However, avoid touching the petals and throwing the bouquet if it all possible. Keeping the flower stems in water until the time of shipment will allow the flowers to retain as much life as possible. If a bouquet toss is desired, please consider buying an artificial bouquet or a mini bouquet to throw instead. 

Can I put my flowers in the fridge or freezer before drop off or shipment?

Okay, so the short answer is NO. The flowers will degrade very quickly once removed from cold environments such as a fridge or freezer. Instead, keep the flowers in a vase of water and place them in a cool room out of direct sunlight.

Will there be any leftover flowers?

The number of flowers used will depend on your order size. If you are wanting any of your flowers back, we need to know at the time you place your order.​ We will not ship extra flowers. 

Will I see design proof before the pouring process?

Short answer is absolutely! The timeline calculated is for 1-2 design proofs. If you go over 2, which is totally fine, just know the timeline may be pushed back!

Where are we based out of?

We are based out of Huntsville, AL. Our studio is located inside Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment at Studio 201.

Do you guys offer international shipping?

Please contact us at for more information on international shipping. ​

Wanting to preserve replica bouquet?

We can absolutely do that! We can either reach out to our florist friend here at Lowe mill to recreate your bouquet or you can have your original florist recreate it then schedule a drop off or shipping!

How do I take care of my flower preservation piece?

Your piece is extremely durable and will stand the test of time. However, we have a few suggestions to make sure that it is properly cared for throughout the years. Display your piece in an area out of direct sunlight and at room temperature. Occasionally, clean your piece with any glass cleaner product and wipe with a microfiber cloth. If your piece becomes damaged in any way, feel free to reach out to us at to consult about repair options.

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